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 Sisters Embracing Life (SEL) is a minority cancer awareness support organization that was started in 2001. It is a group of cancer survivors and friends joined together. Our main focus is to support, assist, minority women and men in understanding cancer. Sisters embracing life support group meets together monthly to learn from one another, and talk about our experiences in cancer treatment. We strive to grow stronger in positive faith. Our Goal is to help minority women and men through the process of preventive treatment, because we know being diagnosed with any form of cancer can be a stressful life changing experience… Our Focus is to educate the minority community about cancer, to motivate through dedication, advocacy, healing and growth, and a commitment to the community. We want women and men to undergo screen so they can “ spread the word ” to their sisters, brothers, mothers, sons and daughters. SEL believes in Cancer is second only to heart disease as a leading cause of death among minorities according to a 1998-99 figures from the American Cancer Society.Statistics show that cancer death rates among minorities are higher than other racial of ethnic populations in the United States It is clear that minorities have increased incidents of cancer, and in general a higher mortality rate from cancer.
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Our Mission: To help women & men through the process of preventive treatment by providing much needed services and education about cancer awareness, and preventive measures. The SEL’s mission is to ultimately improve the human and health condition of women and men in underserved communities throughout Metropolitan Chicago.